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Posted on December 12 2016

With fresh mangos in abundance, right now is the time to stock the freezer with mango cheeks for cultured, mango ice cream.

It’s dairy free, sugar free, vegan, paleo and GAPS. 

It couldn’t be easier; no ice cream maker required. Frozen mango cheeks whizzed up with coconut cream become delicious ice cream perfection in minutes. Smooth, creamy and naturally fruit sweetened. It’s the ideal summer dessert or after school treat. 

This is a health food everyone will love. Made with coconut cream yoghurt, mango ice cream is jam packed with probiotic goodness too. What a heavenly way to get good gut loving bacteria into your belly!

Depending on the sweetness of the cheeks (and your own sweet tooth of course) you may want to add a little honey. I do.

My kids love it in a cone. I enjoy it in a bowl topped with toasted coconut chips. The combination of textures is amazing! Do yourself a favor and add mango ice cream to your summer repertoire.

This ice cream is at it’s very best as soon as it’s made - enjoy it straight away (and before it melts). Of course, you can freeze it for another time - if you need.



6 frozen mango cheeks
1 cup coconut cream yoghurt
1 tablespoon of honey (optional)


1.  Chop up the mango cheeks into bite sized chunks.

2.  Process the coconut cream yogurt and mango together in a food processor until smooth and creamy. 

Ice-cream in minutes!

3.  Taste test and add honey if required.


Eat immediately!!

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