Luvele Supreme PLUS Vacuum Sealer


Our Supreme PLUS Vacuum Sealer is stacked full of epic features, two revolutionary features that must be highlighted are the 'Smart Seal Technology' and the 'Easy Lock Handle'. The smart seal technology allows for up to 100 bag seals in a row. Other vacuum sealers on the market require a 40 second break between bag seals, to allow the seal element to cool, not the Luvele Supreme PLUS! The easy lock handle was designed so no pressure is required to close the lid and lock a bag into position ready for vacuum sealing. With a gentle push the easy lock handle clips the lid closed and vacuuming can begin. The easy lock handle also has a 'store' position, which it used to store the vacuum sealer and prevent the foam gaskets from becoming damaged or compressed.

    Use the Luvele Supreme PLUS Vacuum Sealer in cafes, restaurants, schools, for Sous Vide cooking, vacuum sealing your food for camping and hiking trips, take it on fishing trips to store your fresh fish, it's perfect for farmers who grow their own produce and need to vacuum seal harvested meats. The Luvele Supreme PLUS Vacuum Sealer has been designed to take on any vacuum sealing job, both big & small.

    The vacuum sealing food packaging system, is a smart way to store a wide variety of foods. It accomplishes this by extracting air and moisture from a specially designed bag to create a commercial quality vacuum. Conventional food storage methods such as plastic wrap and containers actually trap air inside with food. But the Luvele vacuum food sealer allows you to remove the air from bags and seal them airtight. This proven technology extends food freshness for up to 5 times longer than conventional storage methods.

    Compatible with our Luvele Fresh Vacuum Container set (not included, sold separately). 

    • 'Smart Seal Technology', allows for 100 seals in a row without overheating the seal element.
    • 'Easy Lock handle', makes clipping bags in place to vacuum seal a breeze and prevents the foam gaskets from getting damaged during storage.
    • 'Dual Seal Strip' creates a double seal on each bag for added strength & durability
    • Compact Design
    • Bag roll storage and cutting system
    • 120w Motor
    • Preset vacuum pressure control options
    • Pulse button for manual control over vacuum pressure.
    • 85 KPA vacuum pressure.
    • Upright storage to reduce storage footprint
    • 20M of bag roll included - 10M of 22cm wide bag rolls & 10M of 28cm wide.
    • Compatible with our Luvele Fresh Vacuum Container set (not included, sold separately).
    • 1 YEAR USA Warranty

    Series: Supreme PLUS Vacuum Sealer
    Model Number: LSPVS120USA
    Weight: 4KG
    Watts: 120W
    Electrical Rating: 110-120 V, 50-60 Hz
    Dimensions: 20cm x 40cm x 10cm - (W x L x H)
    Use: Household
    Manufacture: Luvele

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