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Posted on October 18 2016

Homemade soymilk yogurt is very simple to make at home with a Luvele Yogurt maker. All you need is your favourite store bought soy milk, some starter culture and a thickener that meets your dietary needs.

First up, be sure to choose a soy milk, with no additives, preservatives or sugar.

I promise, once you start making your own soy yogurt at home, you’ll find yourself never wanting the overly sweetened, and far too pricey supermarket varieties again!

Who knew making soy yogurt could be so easy!


Tub set consistency

While non-dairy milks will culture and produce a sour yogurt-like taste, they won’t naturally tub set without a little added thickener. See previous recipe posts for nut milk yogurt and coconut milk yogurt for more on this.

Agar agar powder or a premium gelatin powder will achieve this dairy-like tub set consistency. I get equally great spoonable ‘yogurt’ results with both, but your dietary preferences may lead you to choose one over the other.

The yogurt pictured has been made with Agar agar powder.

Starter Culture:

Dairy and non-dairy starter cultures are suitable for making soy yogurt. Please use the amount indicated on the packet, as each starter culture will require a different quantity. Note, some starters really only require a few grains. Don’t be tempted to add more. They go a long way.

I used these starter cultures.

Something sweet for the good bacteria.

Commercial soy milk contains natural sweetener. The brand I use has rice malt syrup. The good bacteria populating in your homemade yogurt need something to feed on to allow the culturing process to take place. A little bit of additional honey will ensure fermentation kick starts. I only use 1 teaspoon of honey because I don't like it too sweet. Feel free to experiment. Adding a little more will do no harm.


  • 1 litre carton of soymilk (or as much as your yogurt maker can hold)
  • Starter culture (quantity specified)
  • 1 tablespoon of powdered Agar agar or premium quality powdered gelatin.
  • 1 teaspoon of honey

1.  Pour the soy milk into a large saucepan.

2.  Add the honey and either 1 tablespoon of agar agar or gelatin powder.

3.  Gently heat the soy milk.

4.  Stir the soy milk with a wire whisk to ensure the thickening powder fully dissolves and is without lumps. Agar agar dissolves much easier than gelatin.

Do not allow the soy milk to boil. Soy milk expands while it heats, so you can visually gauge when it is about to boil. A safe pre-boil temperature is 180° F / 80° C. You can use a thermometer but I find it unnecessary.

5.  Remove from the heat and let cool to below 110° F (43° C).

6.  Add your starter culture and gently whisk.

Note: Starter culture will only thrive in a narrow temperature range, too cool and it will go dormant, too hot and it will die. So be sure to allow the soy milk to cool before adding the starter culture. Don’t worry if the soy milk has gone cold. (forgetting about it is very easy) It will heat up again in the yogurt maker and activate the starter culture.

7.  Place the lid on and transfer the bowl to the yogurt maker.

8.  Leave to ferment for 12 hours minimum or overnight. Soy milk yogurt can be left to ferment for up to 24 hours. Increasing the hours will not spoil the yogurt. It will lose some sweetness however and become more tangy. 

9.  When it’s all done, allow to chill and set in the fridge for approx six hours.

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