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Posted on December 01 2016

By popular demand I’m bringing you another coconut yogurt recipe.
It’s dairy free, vegan and Paleo.

With so many people choosing coconut yogurt over the dairy variety, I thought I would offer up an even simpler recipe. The original recipe required additional thickener and recommended an organic brand of coconut milk that is difficult to find in stores. This recipe is fast and cheaper to make – truly bringing homemade coconut yogurt to the masses!

I’ve started to bake more and more with coconut yogurt recently - yummy, cultured coconut cream desserts that are dairy free! These deserts require delicious coconut yogurt but don’t work well with gelatin or agar agar in the mix.

This yogurt recipe uses Ayam Coconut cream, which is readily available in supermarkets and half the price too. Ayam coconut cream (the green tin) is super thick and creamy to begin with so the result is equally as lovely. (Yay no thickener required!) It also, doesn’t set with a layer of coconut oil on top so it’s ideal for smoothie bowls and raw dairy-free desserts.

Fermentation time

For plentiful gut loving good bacteria I always ferment yogurt for 24 hours. For a quick yogurt fix and a slightly sweeter batch, you can opt for a 12-hour setting.



  • 3 – 4 cans of Ayam coconut cream (depending on your yogurt maker capacity)
  • 2 teaspoon of honey or maple
  • Yogurt starter culture (I use this brand)


Thoroughly wash or sterilise your yogurt container and whisk with boiling water.


1.  Open the cans and spoon the coconut cream directly into your yoghurt making bowl.

Note: Depending on the weather and the temperature of your home the coconut cream will vary in consistency. On a hot day, the coconut cream will be runny while in cool weather you will need to spoon it out.

2.  Add the amount of yoghurt starter culture that your product recommends and whisk in until the starter is as well combined as you can. 

3.  Put the lid on and place into the maker. The coconut cream is now ready to begin fermentation.

4.  Set the temperature to 38° C. For a quick, sweet yoghurt set the timer for 12 hours. Leave to ferment for 24 hours if you want a stronger, tarter yoghurt.

It is fine if the milk cools down well below 43°C or even goes cold, it just mustn't be too hot. Temperatures above 43° C will kill the starter culture.

5.  After 12 - 24 hours the fermentation is complete. Switch the yoghurt maker off and remove the yoghurt bowl.

Note: The yoghurt will appear runny while it is warm. In the fridge, the coconut cream will set to near perfect yoghurt consistency. 

6.  Place the tub in the fridge for at least 6 hours to set firm.

TIP: There will be watery condensation collected under the lid. Take the lid off and let the water drip off away from the yoghurt before putting it in the fridge to cool.

Coconut cream yoghurt is delicious sprinkled with toasted coconut!

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