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Barb Hodgens

Barb Hodgens loves to cook with alternative, healthy whole food ingredients, with a focus on gut health. Barb has overcome her own gut health issues through healthy eating. Share your ideas, comments and photos at the end of this post :)

jalapeno salt

Give your meals a zingy kick of flavour.

If you love your food on the spicier side, drying jalapeno peppers is must! Dehydrating preserves the nutrients and colour, concentrates the flavour and if dried properly they store for months, even years.

One of the greatest things about dehydrating jalapeno is that you can turn them into powder. Flavoured finishing salts can be quite expensive to buy but making your own is simple, cost effective and a great way to add a burst of flavour to your cooking with very little work. All you need is dried jalapenos and a good quality salt. Remove the seeds for a mild, family friendly salt or keep them intact for a fiery version. 

dried jalapenos

If a dish is calling for jalapenos, simply add a few dried jalapenos or sprinkle with jalapeno salt instead.

If you're preparing a lot of peppers, wear gloves to avoid burning hands and be careful not to rub your eyes or breath in the powder! If possible, dehydrate your jalapenos outside, in the garage or near an open window to vent some of the fumes.

dehydrated jalapenos

how to dehydrate jalapenos

Jalapeno salt

jalapeno salt



jalapeno salt